Women’s Rights March For Communism

Trump’s First 100 Days: Citizen Log #2

So why are women suddenly outraged? What are they actually marching for? Watching the marches across the nation, it’s hard to actually get a real idea of what’s being protested, challenged or demanded.

In due diligence of understanding the Women’s Marches occurring in DC and across the country I’m reading the “Unity Principles” platform presented by the leadership of the protests. In essence, this is why the march is occurring and what they actually stand for.

At it’s front, the march’s objectives seems suspicious considering that the core organizers, Angela Yvonne Davis, a former leader of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) along with Delores Huerta of the United Farm Workers, a well known communist activist organization partner with the CPUSA.

However, reading the Unity Principles, I have to say that much of what they say in their belief statements, I agree with. Some of it wholly. Though, I tend to come to odds with them as a libertarian in their objective or outcome statements. So to understand it more I read the more expanded downloadable statements, the Guiding Vision Definition of Principles. I believe it’s important to point out that this PDF download is for distribution among supporters and by not putting it on the website itself, presents a different set of arguments to the general public and another, deeper, less nuanced and more ideologically driven view that I think the general public would find appealing. This is a tactic frequently used by cults and propagandists to recruit the unsuspecting, low information supporters into a movement through incremental indoctrination.

It is, well written with a lot of very couched language that both appeals to a person’s moral sensibilities while also echoing a dog-whistle to those with more ideological extreme views. I begin to wonder if this so called movement is more than just a chaotic representation of discontent with the electoral outcome when confronted with the reality of those events or if it is in fact just a shill game to spread communist ideals on a massive scale.

Then under Worker’s Rights, I found this:

“We stand in full solidarity with the sex workers’ rights movement. We recognize that exploitation for sex and labor in all forms is a violation of human rights.”

I almost laughed out loud. Last I checked, “sex worker’s rights” are fundamentally, the right to willfully engage in prostitution and other sex related acts of commerce that are by and large, illegal in most countries. This is in direct conflict with the principle that prostitution is exploitative of women and thus a violation of human rights. So are these people marching in support of prostitution or against it? Because to me, that sounds like they want to be on both sides of the argument. So much for solidarity. This is not an issue I think most women support.

Trying not to get hung up on this dichotomy of ideology I drudged on as issue after issue became more convoluted. Then finally, their final goal was revealed.

“We recognize that to achieve any of the goals outlined within this statement, we must work together to end war and live in peace with our sisters and brothers around the world. Ending war means a cessation to the direct and indirect aggression caused by the war economy and the concentration of power in the hands of a wealthy elite who use political, social, and economic systems to safeguard and expand their power”

Let there be no confusion about this statement. The belief that conflict originates from the concentration of power in a wealthy minority is the proletariat argument against the bourgeoisie class made by Karl Marx that is the very foundation of Marxist communist ideology.

What this march is about is so convoluted and lacking in a clear objective that it really proves it’s not actually about women’s rights. It’s about politics as a whole and convincing women to sign onto a specific overall political ideology that stands in opposition of what has, for hundreds of years now been a core American principle; capitalism. It’s about equality of outcomes not inalienable rights. It is, fundamentally, anti-American in it’s core principles. It’s not about civil rights, it’s about masking a divisive political philosophy in the more publicly palatable idea of inequality and demonisation of the movement’s opposition, which is by and large the majority of America.

“To the detractors who say this march will not add up to anything; Fuck you! Fuck You!” ~ Madona, Women’s March January 21, 2017

Well, fuck me then, because I simply refuse to see any evidence that the majority of people who attended this march to show their solidarity for women’s issues would, if they bothered to read the platform they were marching for, ultimately agree with those ideas. That’s not to say that there isn’t a growing movement of anti-capitalist, Marxist ideological support within our country but ultimately it is not the unifying element. Eventually, the conflict between the totalitarianism that is necessary to support the “equality” movement will come in conflict with those who value actual freedom and liberty, many of which are themselves women, and members of liberal minority groups.

So no, this faux movement will not amount to anything because it is not about achieving anything concrete for women and eventually, women will figure that out. Moreover, it’s more likely that a Trump administration, given time, will show that it’s not the great evil this movement’s core leadership and it’s big money sponsors wants to make him out to be and as that becomes more evident, the fear-mongering will be less effective in creating the false solidarity that it currently relies on.

Maybe I’m wrong and this isn’t really about communism and instead it’s an honest movement about Women’s issues but one thing is for sure; there is no clear objective as there was with past civil rights movements like Women’s Suffrage and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. It does however seem to be one of the largest demonstrations of anti-American, anti-capitalist, pro-Marxist ideologies to ever occur in the country. It makes the efforts of the Occupy Wall Street seem both milder and more broadly appealing, though their objectives are nearly ideologically identical. Ultimately, it’s likely to have much of the same impact on society in the end, which is little.

Either that or just a lot of people are sore losers and just hate Donald J. Trump, personally as a man and would give power to communists out of their own fear, spite and hatred for him.

Let’s hope it ends peacefully. When communists and anarchists fail to get change peacfully, they usually resort to force.