Political Cartoons

POLITICALCARTOONS.COM is an eCommerce licensing service for Cagle Cartoons, Inc. Specializing in delivering high-resolution political cartoon images and reprint licenses from artists all over the world. It consists of the largest collection of searchable editorial cartoons with a contextual search.

Cagle Cartoons, Inc. hired me to rebuild their online presence in 2007 and we upgraded their code base from Classic ASP to Microsoft VB.Net using ASP.Net. The improvements that were made in the visual layout and new customized shopping cart brought an immediate increase in sales.

In 2010 Cagle Cartoons, Inc came to me again to work with them to redesign the front-end interface to improve sales, make it easier to use and enhance the customer experience by adding more payment options including a Pay-Per-Use Invoicing service made available to qualified customers. The new version of the site has increased sales yet again over the following quarters consistently.

American Association of Senior Executives

AASE.US (The American Association of Senior Executives) site was built in 2001 and is an online job board and community resource for executives looking f0r work. Originally developed over a decade ago it continues to thrive and provide a valuable service. I was responsible for both the physical development and conceptual design and implementation of the site including visual design elements and branding for the site.. The site was developed using Microsoft SQL Server and Classic ASP. It has since been redesigned using PhP and mySQL.

Daryl Cagle’s Political Cartoonists Index

CAGLE.COM (Daryl Cagle‘s Political Cartoonists Index) is the largest collection of political and editorial cartoons on the web, published by MSNBC. Established over a decade ago, it consists of cartoons contributed by hundreds of artists all over the world. Each week a special slideshow of the latest editorial cartoons is featured on msnbc.com.

With over 17,000 static pages this site is a beast. Since I started working with Cagle Cartoons a few years ago I have assisted in maintaining this site in collaboration with MSNBC to facilitate automating some of the administrative tasks necessary to keep the site updated and current.

In 2009 I managed the conversion of the previous site I produced, caglepost.com into a WordPress implementation and integrating it into the cagle.com site under http://blog.cagle.com which provides a rich mixture of political blogs with the traditional editorial cartoons that Cagle Cartoons is so famous for.

Recently we launched a new navigational menu and updated all of the pages on the site to begin implementing Web 2.0 social networking features.

Cagle Cartoons, Inc.

Cagle Cartoons, Inc. is the largest syndication of political and editorial cartoons in the world. Established in 1998, they are a small pure-play internet company with over 600 newspaper clients, hundreds of publishers and editorial cartoonists world-wide. Cagle Cartoons, Inc publishes the popular MSNBC website CAGLE.COM as well as their subscription syndication service CAGLECARTOONS.COM and their eCommerce cartoon licensing site POLITICALCARTOONS.COM.

In addition to their web properties and services they also produce a large number of iPhone applications via the Apple iTunes store.

I provide IT Consulting and software development services for Cagle Cartoons, Inc. on an on-demand basis. Supporting all of their day-to-day operations, management and oversight of their remote network infrastructure, management of development team and IT personnel, project management for software projects and hands on support of their legacy, Classic ASP, ASP.Net code base.