Daryl Cagle’s Political Cartoonists Index

CAGLE.COM (Daryl Cagle‘s Political Cartoonists Index) is the largest collection of political and editorial cartoons on the web, published by MSNBC. Established over a decade ago, it consists of cartoons contributed by hundreds of artists all over the world. Each week a special slideshow of the latest editorial cartoons is featured on msnbc.com.

With over 17,000 static pages this site is a beast. Since I started working with Cagle Cartoons a few years ago I have assisted in maintaining this site in collaboration with MSNBC to facilitate automating some of the administrative tasks necessary to keep the site updated and current.

In 2009 I managed the conversion of the previous site I produced, caglepost.com into a WordPress implementation and integrating it into the cagle.com site under http://blog.cagle.com which provides a rich mixture of political blogs with the traditional editorial cartoons that Cagle Cartoons is so famous for.

Recently we launched a new navigational menu and updated all of the pages on the site to begin implementing Web 2.0 social networking features.