An American First

Trump’s First 100 Days – Citizen Log #1

Possibly for the first time since Millard Fillmore in 1850, we have a president who, while he may be a Republican by party, is truly an independent. There is very little about Trump’s policy platform that is actually Republican. Trump himself has been largely, for most of his life, a liberal and a Democrat. He has taken more public action in support of the LGBTQ community than any other top political figure in American History yet he is attacked by and feared by most members of the community. Fear is a powerfully strong force to overcome once people have it. It detracts from the very fact that during his inauguration something historic actually happened. For the first time, at least in my lifetime, there were four of six living U.S. Presidents in attendance. It probably would have been five, but George H. W. Bush was in the hospital. This unprecedented event wasn’t the only historic thing that happened. Trump, during his inaugural speech severely chastised the “establishment” for it’s corrupt, selfish, ineffective and ultimately criminal governance. This wasn’t a partisan attack from the right against the leadership of the left or a rhetorical demonetization of the right by those on the left, this was an refutation not only of the Obama administration but all of the sitting presidents, congressman and legislators of our government.

It was a moment I will, forever be glad that happened. Though, I’m not sure it will truly amount to much, it is a moment I think should cause everyone to stop, take a pause and ask themselves if they really know who Donald J. Trump is, what he stands for and whether or not we should really fear him or support him fully.

Trump seems on his surface to be a crass, simple-minded, egotistical, big talking, narcissist.  Comparing his speech to Hitleresque is probably the most ignorant of comparisons. Hitler possessed an eloquence and personality that was enthralling enough to entrance a nation and emboldened a unified national view of the world. Donald Trump has no where near the speaking skills that Hitler had. If anyone in our political landscape possessed those kinds of speaking abilities, one would argue Obama is likely the most powerful speaker in American political history aside from maybe Abraham Lincoln, to which he was compared to early on in his political career.

Below the surface however, Trump is a deal maker, not a businessman. He’s a pitch-man, a negotiator and a pragmatist who wants to gain from any exchange. This can be a huge asset for our country, it’s liability is that he could fail to produce and live up to expectations leaving us with only what he could deliver between two uncompromising and incompatible isles of politics.

If the far-left is wrong about Trump and he is in fact not a racist, a bigot, or a fascist, then liberals across America will get short changed by missing the opportunity to actually negotiate their positions and do the very thing that Trump states is his objective, which is to unify the country and help us move toward a more perfect union.

A lot will be written about the inauguration speech (full text), it’s lack of eloquence or poetry, it’s simplistic rhetoric, dark tone and forceful nature. The one thing that is truly unavoidable is that Trump, from his first day in office has established that he is willing to do things differently than business as usual. The theme of his speech, “America First”, hearkens back to Woodrow Wilson’s 1916 presidential campaign with principles that put American interests before international, globalist interests and challenges both parties to be more accountable to the people they govern.

So the real question will remain, if Trump, as he says, is returning power to the people, then what are you going to do with that power? Power is only meaningful when it is used. To what end will your power be used?